the app


If you are reading this then we know that in some form or fashion you are in a relationship with chronic pain.

this app is for you if you’re a chronic pain sufferer.

this can be chronic pain from a cause, or no cause at all. don’t get too caught up on where the pain is, or whether there is a cause or not. the fact that it’s persistent pain is the main issue.

we’ve created this app for you because we know from our own experience how vital it is to have someone walking on this journey with you

… someone who has your back, a support person who can shine a light on the darkened path ahead.

the essential components of everything we’ve used to help ourselves and one another, will be distilled into this app.

the resources and inspiration we’re offering will meet your needs, at any point on your journey, no matter where you are on the timeline of your pain.
the nature of chronic pain is that it’s a constant and yet changeable thing, up and down, more or less, but always there.

we know the offerings in this app will be of help to you if you’re someone who answers yes to some of the following.

• I’ve been diagnosed with:

Ankle and Foot pain
Arm and Shoulder pain
Abdominal pain
Back pain
Chemotherapy induced pain
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Headache and Migraine
Hip pain
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Knee pain
Neck pain
Neuropathic pain
Pelvic pain
Phantom Limb pain
Post Herpetic Neuralgia
Trigeminal Neuralgia

• i’m new to the world of managing chronic pain

• i’m in the medical model and have a team of doctors on board

• i’m waiting for a surgical intervention

• i’m on a waiting list for a pain clinic

• i’ve been through a pain clinic program already

• i’m trying to put into practice the multidisciplinary skills I was taught in the pain clinic

• i’m seeing a psychologist for my low mood, anxiety or depression

• i’m exploring allied and alternative health care like physiotherapy, naturopathy, acupuncture, massage, reiki, and ayurvedic

• i’ve had to stop working, or reduce my hours

• i’m considering applying for the disability support pension

• i’m experiencing financial hardship and it’s costing me a fortune

• i’m waiting for my legal compensation case to come through

• i can’t explain to other people what it’s like

• i’m back at square one again, in another relapse and downward spiral

• i’m tired of feeling powerless and hopeless and want to find new ways of navigating the struggle and fear

• i’m tired of living like I’m less than, weak, a failure, or broken

• i know it’s time to break out of the bunker of pain, but I’m afraid of who I might be without the pain

• i am learning a lot about myself because I have to find ways of dealing with suffering

• i use my spiritual practices to help me cope and find strength to come back from the deep holes and tough times

this app is NOT for you if you are looking for a quick fix or a magic wand.

and it’s not for you if you want to run from your pain.

no matter what you’re going through, you have the power to change your current reality.

you have to step into your life, not just stay at the edges of it, and that might sound unbelievable or impossible because you feel like you can’t step out of pain.

but rather than waiting for the pain to go in order to change your life, you can make changes in your life and your thoughts which gradually, inch by inch, make changes to the pain.

so wherever you are, whether you’re at the beginning of this pain journey or you’ve been living with it for a long time, we know that the connection and support you find here will change you … and change your relationship with pain.