suffering invites, and sometimes demands, that we look inwardly.

a holistic approach to health recognises that we are more than a mechanistic brain and body, more than our biology or our thoughts.

often when people talk about a mind/ body/spirit approach to wellbeing, the ‘spirit’ component has become something of a cliché. in the medical model the ‘spiritual’ is often dismissed, and in the new age world it’s often used as a label.

so what is that element which is hard to name but we all recognise exists?

some call it consciousness, others call it soul, spirit, divine spark or life force

… or else people don’t know how to give language to something so intangible.

whatever you want to call it, it’s integral to who we are as human beings.

in this app the messages will speak to the multidimensional aspects of the human experience of struggle and of healing. not just the physical and psychological, but also the inner realm of spirit … in order to foster deep change and healing in our lives.

for anyone living with chronic pain, it’s paramount to find ways of building resilience in the face of adversity.

finding ways to help us come back from low points of physical and emotional suffering – often on a daily basis – by tapping into something that’s bigger than us, that universal force we humans have many different names for … god, the cosmos, the quantum field, braman, the void, the dreaming, the great mystery.

nurturing the aspect of spirit in ourselves develops an inner strength and compassion that helps us come through the tough times.

we want to ask you what are you doing to nurture that aspect in your life (you’re probably thinking, what if I’m not spiritual or religious?)

it’s not actually about religion, it’s about how to connect to and strengthen the component of spirit within you, and the aspect of the sacred in your life … in your way.

the sacred for you might be accessed via prayer, personal god, ritual, creativity, art, music, dance, nature, animals, relationships … or something else.

and if there isn’t anything you can point to now in your life, then maybe you could imagine how it might look for you, based on what you find in these messages.

a beginning perhaps on your own inner voyage of discovery.