the app


the work of learning to live, even though you have ongoing pain, is journey and a process.

we want this app to be like a resource in your pocket that you can use wherever you are, whenever you need.

it will be like there is a friend or companion with you – someone who understands, someone who can walk with you.

we know that pain is a shifting thing, and pain states are never static. and we know your relationship with it will follow the same changing pathway

…so dip in and out of what we’re offering, as you need to.

if you haven’t reached that point in your experience where you have times when you’ve managed to tame the beast of pain – we’re here to tell you that you can build and strengthen the body’s capacity for resilience and healing.

you can trust that it’s possible to put pain in the back seat of your life. But it’s not a one time fix or permanent state, it fluctuates, and you need to respond accordingly.

if you’ve done everything that’s been asked of you, then what?

the work is potentially life long and it’s hard. but you have to stick with it.

there will be times when you won’t like it or want to … that’s ok, that’s the nature of living with pain

… just gently come back to where you need to be, again, rinse and repeat, self-lovingly.

so, here’s a bit of tough love. the sad truth is there is no rescue squad. the only person who can rescue you is you. Nothing changes until you do.

if you’re still asking the question why me? feeling sadness, despair, anger, grief or fear. then we need to ask you, have you sat with these feelings or have you pushed them away? they go hand in hand with physical pain. there’s no way around them, only through. that’s the only way of letting go of what was. letting go of what you imagined your life would be, so that you can open to the possibility of what it can be.

but you don’t need to do it alone. we will we will walk this journey with you (you’re probably wondering how we can do that through technology). it’s our voice from real lived experience that we hope will resonate with your lived experience.

living with chronic pain is tough and there will be many occasions where you need help and relief, as you try to stay afloat. the offerings we present to you come from our collective experience of being driven by pain to learn how to live beyond the confines of pain.

we will also include details and quotes from the people who help us and who have been our guides. because we’ve found deep solace and inspiring wisdom from these guiding lights, we know that it’s possible to achieve that level of connection across the barriers time and space via this kind of technology tool.

we believe in you! and we know that you can do this, even if you can’t see it or believe it … yet!

hope, hold on, and take a leap of faith in yourself.