the energy of the fight takes away from the energy of healing.

you didn’t think that life would work out like this. no one does. this is not the life you dreamed of, or would wish for yourself, but it is the life you are responsible for.

how are you going to take responsibility for this life?

if pain has you in it’s grip and won’t let go, rest here for a while and let us guide you for a few small steps on this journey.

the work involved is not easy, but it’s possible. and there is so much that you have agency over … and a lot you don’t. focus your precious energy on what you can change rather than focusing all your attention on what you can’t change.

we know pain management responds best to a multifaceted approach. what part of the self-care model are you not including?

we know that the answer to that question evolves and changes. in this app we will offer a range of ways for you to find the best answer for you, wherever you are on your journey, for whatever arises.

the never good enough, not strong enough, not well enough, not worth enough are all barriers to healing.

you are enough. even with, and despite the pain. we see you, and we will walk with you. you’re not alone, and everything will be okay.

forgive yourself, you didn’t choose this … but you are responsible for how you manage it.

what does management look like? it looks like deep self-care and love.