building a bridge to take you out of the isolation and suffering of chronic pain, one text at a time.

the painspace app is a product that pain sufferers can use wherever they are, whenever they need it. a resource in your pocket.

e-health and mobile health have gained momentum worldwide as a platform for transforming how health care is delivered.
recent clinical trials have demonstrated that text messaging positively changes health related behaviours, and improves patient outcomes.

our app offers the simple but profound support of regular messages to help pain sufferers find the endurance, commitment and sense of personal agency they need in order to navigate their life, even with persistent pain.

download the app for free, and enjoy 2 months free trial. you can try the app risk free, then if you like it and find it helpful, as we hope you will, it’s only USD$25 per year for ongoing, new content. that’s less than the price of one cup of coffee per month.

go ahead and try it. you’ve got nothing to lose and potentially much to gain.