connection is vital.

the painspace is a resident company at iAccelerate, one of the leading startup incubators and accelerators in Australia. iAccelerate is part of the University of Wollongong’s Innovation campus, and is committed to helping social entrepreneurs deliver meaningful impact.

as pain sufferers, and co-founders of the painspace, angela and sarah have been appointed to the board of ePPOC (Electronic Persistent Pain Outcomes Collaboration), in the role of Consumer Advocate. ePPOC is a federally funded project involving the collection of a standard set of data items and assessment tools by specialist pain services throughout Australia and New Zealand, to measure outcomes for their patients as a result of treatment. this information is used to develop a national benchmarking system for the national pain sector, to lead to better outcomes and best practice interventions for chronic pain patients in Australia and New Zealand.

the painspace has been awarded a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Grant by Jobs NSW to build the app. MVP grants are designed to support promising startups with the funds needed to progress from a proof of concept stage to a minimum viable product. the grants are aimed at startups to help them create innovative solutions that address compelling industry needs or market gaps.

latest research, and new understandings in brain science, tell us that the patients themselves play an integral part in their health outcomes – what they think, do and believe plays a vital role in their pain management and outcomes.

this is very good news for pain sufferers because it puts us back in the driver’s seat. rather than passive recipients of treatment, we become active participants in our health and treatment options. this is a fundamental shift in perception which changes everything.

another thing that is clear is the importance of connection in the therapeutic alliance. connection is vital for us as humans, and it’s vital for healing. when a person in pain feels seen, validated and safe hope is ignited, which helps them do the work, endure, and make positive change. the painspace is harnessing smartphone and app technology to facilitate this connection.

e-health and mobile devices are becoming an integral part of the healthcare industry, changing how care is delivered and received, supporting patients and helping them become proactive in their treatment.

the future in pain treatment is to help people take a self-empowered role in management of their pain, whilst at the same time offering support to help them stay on track with their multifaceted management strategies. the painspace believes that people can empower themselves, supported by connection with others, to make a life that is meaningful and fulfilling despite pain. we are offering our shared experience and love, to help people manage their pain and improve their lives, using technology to foster connection despite the tyranny of distance and physical isolation – it’s the way of the future.