about both of us


we truly know the value and power of connection on the healing journey.

we are angela and sarah, and like you, we are chronic pain sufferers.

together we have 60 years combined experience of living with chronic pain … and numerous attendant conditions that come with persistent pain.

we met over 20 years ago and know that if we hadn’t had each other to help navigate this difficult journey with understanding, support and encouragement – being on the other end of late night phone calls like a lifeline – then our lives would have ended up in a very different, even darker place.

there were pivotal points in each of our lives when we realised we could no longer remember what it felt like to not be in pain

… the dawn of reality that pain might accompany us all of our days haunted us for a long time, but now has softened into
something else.

… and the sheer incomprehensibility of it used to floor us; how can this be possible, why can’t anyone fix it?

for years we asked these types of questions, eventually becoming so weary of the substandard answers, realizing that the only thing we could change was our relationship to the pain and suffering. we started to ask different questions. that’s what we are asking of you.

we know that managing chronic pain is a full time job. that’s not a full time job that starts at 9 and finishes at 5 … it’s a 24/7 full time job!

and it changes … often from day to day, and sometimes from hour to hour.

we have found ways of living meaningfully in the midst of all the struggle, and we want to share with you what has helped us. those
guiding lights that have lifted us up – shared wisdom, inspirational people, latest research, teachings, tips and resources.

all of it has helped – and we use some or all of it, some or all of the time.


when a health crisis occurs we all struggle. the canvas of my life radically changed when one day pain arrived and did not resign. as the days, weeks and months passed it left me threadbare in parts.

my efforts to restore the weave to its previous condition continued to fail. the warp led me to the path of western medicine and the weft down the alternative medicine path, but that could only help me so far. the reality was that my condition did not render me dying but i was decaying, dying a slow death in many ways.

as the years passed my world became incredibly small and reduced to the smallest common denominator, one smaller than i knew existed for a life to exist. i struggled with the transformation that took place. i had to learn to embrace the change rather than resist it. pain was my metamorphosis. what i initially perceived as a negative experience fuelled the most positive direction for my life. my life’s work unfolded before me and i had to step up and embrace gifts i didn’t know i had.

the guiding lights i found that helped me to put my life back together are presented to you here in this app. this isn’t so much about how the pieces fell apart, as it is about how i put them back together again.


in my work as a clinical and spiritual hypnotherapist, i am constantly reminded of the amazing miracle of interconnectedness of mind, body and soul that we as humans are.

my journey to find relief from chronic pain is what brought me to this life changing work, first as the client then as the therapist. pain was the impetus that pushed me on this path, taking me places i would never have gone otherwise. and after all the struggle and sometimes despair, i can now say that the quest for healing has taken me on a journey of transformation at once challenging and inspiring, and has brought me many unexpected gifts.

the first part of my pain story followed the long medical and complimentary health trajectory that most chronic pain sufferers are familiar with – trying to find an answer and someone who can fix it.

the latter part has added deeper dimensions and processes, like how to live with and beyond pain at the same time, to grasp my own powerful role in the healing process, and to move through the layers of emotional, physical and spiritual growth that suffering was bringing me to. it’s been a journey of awakening and purpose.

i have also learned that connection is vital; connection to others, to our own inner wisdom, to the natural world, and to the universal divine force that is in all, and that without this interconnectedness we don’t truly live or heal.