the painspace


pain is invisible but you are not. we believe in you. you are not alone.

we are sarah + angela, the co-founders of the painspace

we created this app because we want you, the pain sufferer, to know that you are not alone.    

we want you to know that you can live a bigger, stronger, better life, even with pain. bigger because pain shrinks your life, stronger because you don’t know how strong you really are, and better because you are more than your pain.    

living a life with pain is not something that makes you broken, less than or a failure. it means you’re someone who has had to dig deep to find inner courage and outer strength to keep going.

the paradox is; as a pain sufferer you have to actively do this work of pain management yourself, no one can do it for you … but it’s too hard to do alone.

we’ve walked in your shoes and we’ve learned how to navigate the difficult path pain takes you on.  

don’t think you have to this this on your own! we will be there like a guide, friend, support person on your side. 

the research tells us that using technology to send regular messages to support people who are living with chronic illness, changes health related behaviour and improves outcomes. 

our messages via the app will connect, support and inspire you on your own hero’s journey. helping you access the endurance and sense of personal agency you need to successfully and powerfully navigate life despite persistent pain. learning to cultivate a way of living that’s meaningful and has purpose for you.